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28 Jul 2016
Spirulina Health Benefits

Spirulina is a blue green algae. It's scientifically classified as a bacteria (cyanobacterium) because it gets its energy from photosynthesis; meaning it gets its energy from light sources, mainly the sun. It then converts the light energy into chemical energy 

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Spirulina contains Chlorophyll which is critical for photosynthesis as it's the chlorophyll that absorbs the light. Without the chlorophyll the plants would die

Chlorophyll has been scientifically proven when consumed by humans to;

- Helps control hunger and cravings
- Promotes cleansing and healing
- Protects DNA against fried foods
- Promotes healthy iron levels
- Effective against candida albicans
- Potent antioxidant
- Relieves systemic redness and swelling
- Controls body odour helps control hunger and cravings

Spirulina has an extraordinarily high complete protein content of 50-60% of its dry weight, consisting of all 9 essential amino acids. It has nearly all the digestive enzymes, chlorophyll, trace elements and vitamins and minerals your body needs for perfect nutritional health. These spirulina nutrition facts are the reason why the United Nations and World Health Organisation think Spirulina can be the food to end world starvation.

The United Nations said this about Spirulina
"There is a need for both national governments and inter-governmental organizations to re-evaluate the potential of Spirulina to fulfil both their own food security needs as well as a tool for their overseas development emergency response efforts"
-The UN-Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO) Report on Spirulina 2008

The World Health Organisation said this about Spirulina
"For WHO, Spirulina represents an interesting food for multiple reasons, rich in iron and protein, and is able to be administered to children without any risk. We at WHO consider it a very suitable food"
-United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland June 8Th, 1993

Spirulina was declared by the United Nations World Food Conference of 1974 as the best food for the future
Spirulina has no cell wall so it's really easy to digest, nourishing your body easily with all those vital nutrients. It's also really easy to incorporate Spirulina into your daily diet so you can start feeling the wonderful health benefits. There are lots of tasty Spirulina drinks and spirulina recipes to try.
You can order Spirulina online as a Spirulina tablet or you can buy organic spirulina powder

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